We'll list all of the major/minor changes/events to the platform here.


A list of all of the features/changes we've rolled out the platform.


  • Platform

    Careerlane Version 1.1

    We've just deployed our biggest update yet.

    AI meets Resumés. Both now usable on the platform.

    Upload your resumé to Careerlane, and watch our AI extract your career and suggest it straight to you to be added in one click to your profile.

    This makes it even easier for you to fill out your profile for when you find your dream job.


  • Job Ads

    Social Sharing Images

    Social Sharing Images

    Custom social sharing images for your jobs on Careerlane. 🔥

    This brings loads of value when the link to your job is shared. Not only does it show potential candidates information about the job, but it also helps the candidate determine if the job is a good fit or not.

    • - More quality link clicks
    • - More accurate metrics
    • - Top tier applications
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  • Candidate Testing

    Shortlist Test Updates

    You're now free to send any applicant a copy of this test to complete at any time.

    Shortlist Test Updates

    When Careerlane launched, we pioneered connecting two separate processes into one, by adding candidate evaluation to the application process, we've decided we're going to adjust the way this works, as currently, it does require you to mark the applicant as shortlisted. This means, they're told they've been shortlisted, and now need to fill out a test.

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  • Platform

    Platform Launched

    We launched Careerlane version 1.0.

    Platform Launched

We update this list regularly as new features and changes are released as we believe in complete transparency.

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